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Paying Bills

          If your invoice does not show the suffix, use 500

Click here to pay a MARBELLA bill

          If your invoice does not show the suffix, use 042

Click here to pay a bill of the REST OF MUNICIPALITIES

To proceed with payment, you will need to have the receipt or letter of payment containing the following information, which you will need to provide:

  • · Reference
  • · Identification
  • · Amount

If you do not have this document, you can download it from the Virtual Office (here) or email acosol@acosol.es and request a copy (accrediting that you are the account holder and indicating your contract/policy number).

My bill

Managing the services you need most relating to your water contract has never been easier. From the Virtual Office we help you manage your operations relating to water while contributing to sustainable development by going paperless. The Virtual Office also offers the service of digital billing, which enables you to access your water bill quickly and securely, and with the same legal validity as a traditional paper invoice.

In the DOWNLOAD YOUR BILLS HERE tab, you can access your bills in digital format. To do so you must first be signed up as a user, for which you must follow these steps:

Click “Register” and fill in the following fields:

•    Email address, previously registered in Acosol
•    DNI/CIF
•    Subscription policy (area/code)

We will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

If you’re already a user, click this link:

Download your bills here


In the ADMINISTER YOUR ACCOUNT HERE tab, you can access a large catalogue of administrative procedures with this supply company.

If you have a valid Electronic Certificate issued by the FNMT (the Royal Mint of Spain), all requests will be electronically recorded, and ACOSOL will carry out the requested procedure, with no need for any subsequent identification.

If you do not have an Electronic Certificate, you can download the corresponding form and email it to acosol@acosol.es, which will begin the administrative process that you have requested. Once this procedure has been completed, you will be notified at the email address that you have provided.

In both cases, this is the link:

Administer your account here

Download the tutorial here to learn how to administer your account:

Electronic Office instructions


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Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa uso industrial y otros usos

Tarifa uso organismos oficiales

Tarifas bonificaciones y averías


Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa uso industrial y otros usos

Tarifa uso organismos oficiales

Antigua Tarifa contratación/servicios

Antigua Tarifa uso doméstico

Antigua Tarifa uso industrial y otros usos

Antigua Tarifa uso organismos oficiales

Casares núcleo urbano

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa otros usos

Casares diseminados

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa otros usos

Casares urbanizaciones

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa uso industrial

Tarifa uso obras

Istán casco urbano

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa todos los usos

Tarifa todos los usos con deducción

Istán fuera casco urbano

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa todos los usos

Istán urbanizaciones

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa uso industrial

Tarifa uso obras

Ojén casco urbano

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa uso industrial

Ojén urbanizaciones

Tarifa contratación/servicios

Tarifa uso doméstico

Tarifa uso industrial

Tarifa uso obras

Tarifas de saneamiento integral

Tarifa saneamiento integral (aguas propias)

Tarifa suministro en alta y agua regenerada

Suministro agua regenerada

Connection standards and schematics

Regulation of Home Water Supply (Decree 120/1991, of June 11)

General schematic for connections

Service charter

Our commitment is a COMMITMENT OF SERVICE, as clear as water

Providing you with the best service is our biggest motivation. Accordingly, this service charter of the Water Supply and Sanitation Company of the Western Costa del Sol Town Council Association (ACOSOL) has the following objectives:

  • Bringing about an improvement in water supply and sanitation services for the municipal areas that we supply.
  • Providing you with the information and means necessary for you to collaborate in all the improvements to this service.

Properly serving the interests of the municipalities’ citizens should be a priority for municipal companies, providing a response to society’s needs based on a culture of working together and of co-ordination at the operative and functional levels. In our case, our priority are the municipal areas on the Western Costa del Sol that we supply.

Your rights

As a user of ACOSOL, you have the right to:

  • Receive quality services.
  • Be treated with the utmost respect at all times.
  • Receive information in proper, accurate and timely way.
  • Submit complaints and suggestions regarding the service provided by ACOSOL.
  • Obtain information relating to your supply contract, meter and any other services that you receive from the company.
  • Receive direct and personal customer care.
  • Enjoy water that meets the requirements for drinking water as established by current legislation.
  • Have a permanent supply of drinking water, in accordance with the conditions set out in your supply contract.
  • Have the metering equipment controlling supply read at least once every three months.
  • Have the services you receive billed to you at least once every three months, in compliance with current regulations.
  • A contract drawn up in writing, which stipulates the basic conditions of the supply.

Our commitments for a quality service

In order to provide a quality public service of water supply and sanitation, we have established the following levels of commitment:

  • To have customer service offices open to the public in all municipalities supplied by ACOSOL.
  • To achieve an overall average satisfaction rating for the service provided by ACOSOL of at least 7 out of 10.
  • To respond to complaints received on official complaint forms of the Andalusian Regional Government no later than ten working days after receiving them, in at least 80% of cases.
  • To respond to complaints received by users about the service or from organisations of consumers and users that represent them.
  • For meter sets, to provide the water supply within three working days from when the connection is formalised, in at least 95% of cases.
  • To report when we detect a significant variation in consumption compared with standard consumption within seven working days after verifying the reading at ACOSOL.
  • In any cases in which, as a result of a leak or a fault in hidden interior supply installations, there is an abnormally high consumption level, the user may ask ACOSOL to reduce the bill for the concept of sanitation, for which the requirements set out in the regulations must be met.
  • For the most common commercial issues for our customers and users, there are several channels available for customer services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: electronic office, corporate website, and an emergency telephone number: 952 77 31 89.

As well as the customer service line, on 952 93 20 20, open every working day of the year from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


Which municipalities have ACOSOL offices?

Marbella – Elviria

Mijas – Las Lagunas y Calahonda




More details on location in the section Contact of the website .

Where is your head office?

Autovía A-7, P.K. 190,700. Urbanización Elviria (Marbella)

Which customer service channels are available?

Call Center, de 9:00 a 18:00 952 93 20 20

Electronic office: http://acosol.sedelectronica.es/

e-mail: acosol@acosol.es

By visiting any of our offices

What documentation do I need to provide to begin a contract?

To contract a supply with individual meters, with suitable pre-existing installation and technical approval:

  • Title deed / lease agreement / document accrediting availability of the property.
  • Spanish national identity / foreigner identification number / company tax code document (where necessary).
  • Certificate of installation issued by the installation company (for new supply accounts).
  • Direct debit information.
  • Authorisation to enter into the contract if you are not the account holder.

In all other cases, you must comply with the requirements for each installation, so it is advisable to contact one of our offices for advice before proceeding.

What types of contracts can I sign up to?

Depending on the use, the type of supply may be:

  • domestic
  • industrial
  • for works
  • other uses

How can I pay?

Credit / debit card

Direct debit

Letter of payment for collaborating organisation (provided at ACOSOL offices)

How can I change my direct debit?

Via the Electronic Office

Through the Call Center, which will take a recording

By email

Or by visiting any of our offices

You must provide proof that you are the account holder and indicate the policy number and the 20-figure number of the new bank account.

What are the concepts included on the receipt?

Imagen explicación factura Acosol

Fixed or Service Charge: This is the fixed amount that users must pay on a regular basis for availability of the service, regardless of whether or not it is used.

Variable or Usage Charge: This is the amount that the user pays on a regular basis based on the amount of water used. To calculate this fee, the increasing block rate is used. Water usage is broken down into pre-established limited blocks, with prices that increase with each block. The number of blocks used cannot exceed four in domestic use.

Special charges: Independently to the rates established previously, in providing the water service to a population, a sector of it, or certain specific subscribers, for reasons relating to the use of installations that differ from those used in normal supply situations, such as at a particular elevation or for desalination, these generate an additional cost to that of general usage. The supply company may apply an extra charge per cubic metre billed for affected subscribers to cover most of the cost resulting from the different type of treatment required, and may do so on either a permanent or a temporary basis.

Fees: A fee is a charge applied independently to the rate to meet the cost of infrastructure investments. This payment is used solely for this service.

All the above will also apply to billing for comprehensive sanitation, both in billing per blocks and in the fee.

How are meter readings taken?

On a regular basis by staff from our company. In the event of it not being possible to take a meter reading, the subscriber can inform the company of the reading by email or telephone, or by visiting any of our offices.

Can the company shut off my water for non-payment?

Yes. Using the procedure established for this purpose in the Home Water Supply Regulations approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia.

What rights do subscribers have?

  • Right to water that is safe to drink.
  • To the provision of a permanent service.
  • To the services received being billed for the concepts and amounts that are in effect at any given time.
  • To regular readings and bills.
  • To a contract being drawn up in writing.
  • To be free to choose the authorised installer of your choice to carry out interior installation.
  • To lodge complains and receive information on all queries.

What duties do subscribers have?

  • To pay bills and invoices.
  • To pay a bond.
  • Upkeep of interior installations.
  • Prohibited from diverting water to third parties.
  • Reporting faults.
  • Reporting interruptions in the supply.